Developed by Dr. Alexander Kalina, the inventor of the original Kalina cycle, Kalex systems are a second generation of the proven Kalina cycle and a new approach to power plant design. Using systems with multi-component variable composition working fluid, Kalex systems generate more power at lower cost. By varying the composition of the multi-component working fluid at each point in the power cycle, Kalex systems deliver superior efficiency and improved power output. To keep costs and technological risks to a minimum, Kalex's patented power systems are designed to use conventional, "off-the-shelf" components.

The result is a breakthrough in power efficiency together with reduced power plant installation costs. With Kalex technology alternative power sources like geothermal, industrial waste heat, solar-thermal and biomass become economic viable and competitive with conventionally fueled power systems.

Kalex Biomass Technology

Kalex Geothermal Technology

Kalex Solar Thermal Technology

Kalex Cement Waste Heat Technology

Kalex Bottoming Cycle Technology

Kalex Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology

Kalex technology can also be applied to conventional fuel power plants, like coal-fired plants. Using Kalex technology, these plants would require less fuel, produce lower emissions and operate at lower cost, without increasing total costs or reducing power output.For further information about Kalex technology, licensing or any other questions, please contact Kalex at

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